A SBE Development Paradigm-Shift: Origins and Rationale

strangerWhere did this idea come from?

I used to be a member of the NMSDC. I have also attended numerous seminars and Networking Events, sponsored by the NMSDC and SBDC — each of which I was able to learn new things.  They were helpful in a lot of areas , not so helpful in others. We believe the NMSDC, SBDCs and state-run advocacy groups are using a 1.0 version of helping businesses to grow, when a more up to date version is needed.



In attempting to determine potential partners for an RFP, I had to locate and view  company descriptions and NAICS/SICS Codes.  As I perused scores of  company descriptions, it dawned on me that we are using 21st Century technology, with a 20th Century mindset.  It is impractical for one to use unstructured narratives (i.e. text format of company description) to make decisions.  Since company Products/Services are not always accurately represented by the existing NAICS/SICS Codes, we have little choice but to use unstructured narratives.  Therein lies the problem – how can we optimize Collaborating/Networking with one another, if the information cannot be used efficiently?



My area of expertise is Information Management and Optimized Team Building –   It occurred to me, if I can service large Fortune 500 Companies, why can’t I do the same for companies that are walking a mile in my shoes?

I’m a Small Business Entity.  I am highly endorsed by my clients.  I have 28 years of experience doing what I do. I am a good practitioner, but I am not very good at Marketing/Sales.  However, I know that there are a lot of SBEs out there that are probably good at Marketing/Sales.  I am also inviting them to join ‘The Team’ that I am forming.  These are just a few high level Business Areas (e.g., Information Management, Business Analysis, Marketing/Sales) that I am using to invite SBEs to join the ‘Team’.  The more diverse the ‘Team’, the better it will be.

I’ve been talking to leaders in a multitude of Small Business Entity/Minority Business Entity Advocacy Groups.  Each of the individuals that I spoke to recognized the merit of my approach, but they all say that we need to fend for ourselves.  They all assume we have to do it ‘the old fashioned way’, ‘each man for himself’.  I am not naïve – to some degree they are correct – I am just attempting to ‘hedge our bets’, by using 21st Century Methods (e.g., Business Intelligence, Data Governance, Data Architecture).


Why are my fees so low?

When I worked for Fortune 500 companies (e.g., Aetna, United Health Group, JP Morgan Chase), I did not charge by Capitation, number of records, number of Products/Services, or number of Client Customers that would use my solution.  That is why the membership fee is so low.  My methodologies our scalable.  I practice what I preach.

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